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How to install Task Force Radio?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If the video was not helpful enough. Don't worry. You can download Task Force Radio from Steam WorkShop Once it is downloaded - follow the directions listed below:

  1. Open ArmA3 Launcher.
  2. Go To Mods tab.
  3. Locate the mod Task Force Radio (task_force_radio).
  4. Once located, click on it, this should expand the entry.
  5. Look for the image at the right bottom of that entry, you will see 4 icons: box with arrow, chain, dots, and trash can. Click on the dots (...).
  6. Click on Open folder in Windows Explorer.
  7. Another window will pop up stating to beware - click I understand.
  8. A new window should appear with a list of mods you have downloaded on the Steam WorkShop. Open @task_force_radio.
  9. Once in the @task_force_radio you will see three folders and some files, open the teamspeak folder.
  10. Once in the teamspeak folder, you will see two files, chose if you want the compact version (task_force_radio_3.1Compat) or the full version of the plugin (task_force_radio) - double click on the file you want.
  11. A new window will appear, named TeamSpeak Add-On, with information of the plugin. Click Install.
  12. You will get a warning message, click yes to install the plugin. (It may fail, requiring you to try as Administrator, click yes. If the window keeps popping up asking to try in Administrator mode, and if you have TeamSpeak up and running, close it down and retry - should work this time).
  13. The next window will ask you if you want to activate this Add-On? Click Yes.
  14. Next is to start/open TeamSpeak.
    We will need to see if the plugin is installed, and enabled.
  15. In TeamSpeak open Tools and select Options.
  16. A new window will appear, with 13 icons on the left side, click on Addons.
  17. Next you should see all of the plugins/addons you have installed on TeamSpeak. Located Task Force Arma 3 Radio.
  18. Make sure it says Enabled (with a green check mark). If it's not enabled, and you see the button Enabled with no green check mark or it says Disabled, then click it. till you see it saying Enabled with a green check mark (usually the check mark will be in the front).
  19. Click on the Reload All button down below to make sure the plugins/addons are loaded into TeamSpeak.
  20. Click OK - your done.

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