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When I joined the server, why does it say I need Apex to play?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Apex is an ArmA 3 DLC, when the DLC first came out, only players who bought the DLC had access to all the assets to play with. Since May 30th, 2017 - Apex assets are free, which means community made content that uses Tanoa Buildings, etc... Show now allow none Apex owners to play on the community made content.

"As was to be expected, we've noticed that Tanoa structures - part of the new terrain introduced in the Apex expansion - are also frequently used on community-made terrains. However, this could create an obstacle for those who do not own Apex and still want to play on the community terrains. To ensure better compatibility, we'll be making the structures part of every Arma 3's player data, which means that everyone will be able to enjoy terrains that are based on Apex assets and vegetation, whether you own Apex or not. Access to the Tanoa terrain itself will remain limited to owners. This change will become active with Update 1.72" - SITREP #00194

So how does one fix this issues? By Verify Integrity Of Game Files...

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go To You're Game Library.
  3. Right Click On ArmA 3.
  4. Click On Local Files.
  5. Click On VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES... (NOTE*: This Might Take Time, But Once It Is Done, You Should Be Able To Play On Community Maps That Use Tanoa Assets)

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