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501st Legion Website Isn't Displaying Correctly?
Last Updated 4 years ago

*NOTE: 501st Legion Website Is A Work In Progress, This Means The Code Is Being Updated Every Day, And Error's May Occur.

Most Internet Browsers Keeps A Cache Of Data From The Website, Mostly The Theme/Look Of The Webpage (Style Sheets, Etc...) - Clear You're Internet Browser Cache - Don't Know How To The Check Below. Also, Most Web Browsers Have Addons, Check For Any Cache Clearing Addon. The Addon Should Allow You To Clear You're Cache With A Push Of A Button. Listed Below Are Some Steps To Do It Without Any Addons.

*NOTE: Website Created With FireFox, So It Looks Best On FireFox
*NOTE: Video Background Works On FireFox, Blame Chrome For Changing, And Breaking YouTube Auto Play.

Mozilla FireFox LogoMozilla FireFox:
  • Click On The Menu Button Menu And Choose Options.
  • Select The >>Privacy & Security Button.
  • In The >>Cookies and Site Data - Clear Data.
  • In The >>Clear Data Window - Cookies and Site Data If You Wish To Keep You're Login Details.
  • With >>Cached Web Content - Checked, Click The >>Clear Button.
  • Close That Tab, Any Other Changes You Have Made Will Be Saved Automatically.
Google Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome:
  • Click The More More (At The Top Right).
  • Click On More Tools > Clear Browser Data.
  • At The Top, Choose A Time Range. To Delete Everything, Select All Time.
  • Next To Cookies And Other Site Data -> Cached Images And Files Check The Boxes.
  • Click Clear Data.
Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge:
  • Click The >> . . . (Top Right).
  • Click On Settings.
  • Under Clear Browsing Data, Click On Choose What To Clear.
  • Click The Boxes Next To Cookies And Saved Website Data, and Cached Data And Files.
  • Click On Clear.
Other: Google It ("How To Clear 'Browser Name Goes Here' Cache").

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