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How to fix ArmA 3 Memory Leak
Last Updated 2 years ago

Memory leaks happens in many games, sadly there is no 100% fix for ArmA 3 memory leaks, Bohemia Interactive have made improvements, but the memory leak came back strong when they released the Tanoa DLC. Fallow the steps below if you have an NVIDIA Video Card. This does not fix the memory leak, but improves your Frames when the memory leak happens. If you have an AMD video card, or use an on-board graphics or integrated graphics in your CPU, let us know if you got a fix for it so we can apply it here.

Nvidia LogoNVIDIA GeForce Cards:
  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel (Right Click On Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel).
  • Click on Manage 3D Settings >
  • (For None VR Users) Go to Global Settings
    (For VR Users) Go to Program Settings > Select Arma 3 (Select ArmA 3 (arma3.exe) or ArmA 3 (arma3_x64.exe)
  • Select Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames > Set The Value to 1
    Apply the settings if you need to.
AMD LogoAMD Radon Cards: (This May Vary Due To AMD Catalyst Changes)
  • Open AMD Radon Settings (Right Click On Desktop > AMD Radon Settings).
  • Click On >>Gaming
  • Click On Add > Browse For ArmA 3 (32bit Use arma3.exe - 64bit Use arma_x64.exe)
  • *NOTE: Pre-Rendered Frames is set to Automatic - and AMD Radon Users Cannot Change This Setting
  • Make any additional Changes, Use The Apply Button When Done.

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